Vital Point donates free massage to 24Hr Yogapalooza participants

Meet our newest sponsor and the team from Vital Point Clinic. (Michael Michaud, Lesley Tashlin, Brittany Gaudet, Mireille Lavallee and Jay Ankersmit).  Last year they sponsored 24Hr Yogapalooza and were an integral part of our success through donating their time for over 15 hours providing an estimated 100 plus massages for our hard-working group of yogis.

I am absolutely thrilled to announce this kind and generous group of Massage Therapists and Athletic Therapist will be back once again to take care of your sore and aching muscles at 24HR Yogapalooza 2019 starting June 8 at 2 PM.

At their clinic in Westboro, Vital Point team offers skilled services in Massage Therapy, Active Release Technique, Athletic Therapy and Acupuncture. Each of these can help you alleviate pain and tension, and manage pain better, promote speedy recovery from injuries (work, trauma, accident or sports-related) as well as, increase mobility and provide greater joint flexibility and range of motion and more.

Over the past 15 years of doing triathlon and Ironman training I have had my fair share of injuries and have been grateful to Michael and his team for helping me recover more quickly and get back doing the things I love to do!

Dealing with a chronic pain or injury, give them a call or book a visit online, you will be in good hands!

Thank you Vital Point Clinic for being such an outstanding community oriented sponsor of 24HR Yogapalooza, as we raise money and awareness for CHEO & the Children and families affected by cancer.

– Randy Roffey


For more information about Vital Point Massage Clinic, see: or contact them at  613-695-5775 or