Yoga Teachers Schedule

The Details:

For the 24Hr Yogapalooza event, all participants should bring their own mat & water (also blocks if you have/need them). 

While it lasts, there will be some donated light refreshments from generous sponsors. 

Price: $20 minimum donation for one session; $50 for 3 sessions; $100 for the entire event. Or of course any amount higher. 🙂

How to Register

  1. Register for 1 class at a time. 
  2. Make a minimum donation of $20 for one session; $50 for 3 sessions; $100 for the entire event by clicking “Donate Here” below and selecting “Support Me” on the yogi’s page. If reserving at multiple times it is fine to just donate to one teacher.
  3. Request a reservation using the included form.
  4. You will be contacted by email once your registration is confirmed.

Note that the payment & registration system are not linked, so you will need to go and make your donation separately from the registration. Please ensure your donation is completed before the event day. 

Saturday, June 8th

Time: 14h
Teacher: Laurie Howe
Style: Slow flow

Time: 15h
Teacher: Cat Doyle
Style: Flow

Time: 16h
Teacher: Kristy Schmekel
Style: Flow

Time: 17h
Teacher: Kristy Schmekel
Style: Flow

Time: 18h
Teacher: Rob Aranyosi
Style: TBD

Time: 19h
Teacher: Melissa Delaney
Style:  Hatha – All levels

Time: 20h
Teacher: Kurt Mansergh & Danni Elsie
Style:  Partner Yoga

Time: 21h
Teacher: Shelley Murdock
Style:  Hatha

Time: 22h
Teacher: Brian Simser
Style:  Nidra

Time: 23h
Teacher: Eric Desjardins
Style:  TBD

Sunday, June 9th

Time: 0h
Teacher: Linda Myers
Style: Hatha

Time: 1h
Teacher: Stacy Sinclair
Style: TBD

Time: 2h
Teacher: George Jurdak
Style:  TBD

Time: 3h
Teacher: Michelle Precourt
Style: Yin

Time: 4h
Teacher: Jennel Recoskie
Style: TBD

Time: 5h
Teacher: Kerry Kotylak
Style:  TBD

Time: 6h
Teacher: Tesia Bryski
Style:  Meditative Flow

Time: 7h
Teacher: Kila Divina
Style:  TBD

Time: 8h
Teacher: Jessica Puckering
Style:  Gentle Yoga

Time: 9h
Teacher: Catherine Heinmiller
Style: Slow Flow

Time: 10h
Teacher: Ciara Jean Beaton
Style: Vinyasa

Time: 11h
Teacher: Leah Labib
Style:  Yin

Time: 12h
Teacher: Bronwyn Lefebvre
Style:  Hatha

Time: 13h
Teacher: Julie Rollwagen
Style: Yoga Warriors