Let’s make some big noises for our silent auction!! Yahooo!


Yes, you read that right…$4400 was the final number for our 2nd annual silent auction. Thank you Ottawa for your generosity and participation. We saw a lot of bidding…especially between 11-12pm on Sunday night! 🙂

We couldn’t have done this without a strong community of giving people, including our fundraising yogis, the giving businesses that we list below (so much generosity!), and of course the community coming out for a good cause to buy cool stuff.

On our road to $50,000 for the kids battling cancer at CHEO, this pushes us even closer to not only making it, but surpassing it!

I know it’s a long list, but please check out the companies who helped make this event possible…they are awesome!

Donating CompanyWeb Site
Anytime Fitnesshttps://www.anytimefitness.com
Astanga Yogahttps://www.astangaottawa.com
Barley Mowhttps://barleymow.com
Chances R Restauranthttp://chancesr.ca
Colonnade Pizzahttp://colonnadepizza.com
Demes Naturalhttps://demesnatural.com/
Elevate Yogahttps://elevateyoga.ca
Escential Gardenwww.escentialgarden.com
Gaia Wellnesshttp://www.gaiawellnessretreat.com
GBI Serviceshttps://www.gbiservices.ca
Giovanni’s Restauranthttps://www.giovannis-restaurant.com
Goodlife Fitnesshttps://www.goodlifefitness.com
Inner Revolution Yoga Studiohttps://innerrevolution.ca
Kerry KotylakYoga instructor at various locations
L’Atelier de Falballahttps://www.facebook.com/AtelierdeFalballa/
Long & McQuadehttps://www.long-mcquade.com/location/Ontario/Ottawa/
Mountaingoat Yogahttp://mountaingoatyoga.com/
Petit Bill’s Bistrohttps://www.petitbillsbistro.com
Popeye’s Supplements Canadahttps://www.popeyescanada.com/loc_ontario_ottawa.html
Purdy Chocolateshttps://www.purdys.com
Pure Yogahttps://www.pureyogaottawa.com
Reform Pilateshttps://reformottawa.com
Royal Oak Hintonburghttp://royaloakpubs.com/entertainment/wellington/
Spotlight Hair & Spahttps://www.spotlighthairandspa.com
Summer Hays Restauranthttp://summerhaysgrill.ca
Susan Kumarhttps://www.facebook.com/pg/susanrmtottawa/about/
Tapp Autohttp://tappauto.com/
The Workshttps://worksburger.com
Tony Graham Toyotahttps://www.tonygrahamtoyota.com/
Trend Microwww.trendmicro.com
Twiss and Weberhttps://twissandweber.com
Vezina Opticienshttp://vezinaopticians.ca
Vial Point Clinichttp://vitalpointclinic.com/#services
West Side SPAhttp://westsidespa.ca
Wishingtree Yogahttps://www.wishingtreeyoga.ca

Meet Bronwyn Lefebvre, a Special Guest Teacher at 24 Hr Yogapalooza

Meet Bronwyn Lefebvre, just one of the amazing special guest teachers who will guide us during 24 Hr Yogapalooza – in Support of Childhood Cancer and CHEO on June 8’th.

Bronwyn’s journey through CHEO, although not about cancer, was a difficult and life-threatening one for a young child and her family.  But thanks’ to CHEO and a whole lot of love, Bronwyn is here to share her story in her own words, that leads her to a rich and supportive yoga practice that has been a key part of her health and wellness.

If you wish to donate to Bronwyn’s CHEO donation page, a link is provided at the end.

 I remember my childhood quite vividly, replaying certain events that are engraved within my mind, scars that have healed, but have never been forgotten. Countless hospital days at CHEO became part of a routine, creating an immense amount of anxiety and fear – the constant bad news became expected, yet I was too young to fully understand what was happening to my body.

    The first hospital visit was one where my parents had rushed me to CHEO after a paediatrician had urged my mother that something was wrong with my heart. During the echocardiogram, the nurse had rushed out of the room, grabbing the cardiologist. It was serious. It was much more than my parents could have ever expected. I was hospitalized and booked for surgery where I was diagnosed with pericarditis, a condition where the sack that holds the heart becomes engulfed with fluid. To this day, I can recall stepping into my hospital room with a nurse awaiting my arrival with an IV stand, which followed with the sharp pain of the needle piercing my skin, the vein unwilling to participate, and the vivid image of blood staining the pillows beside me. This was only the first of many traumatic experiences. Once the fluid had finally subsided, a sense of relief filled the air, but not for long.

    Two years later, I was diagnosed with Lupus, an auto-immune disease that left doctors with a prognosis that I would not live to reach my twenties. I watched my parents’ alarming faces, their baby girl poked, cut, and sewn back together right before their eyes. All I knew at the time was how frightened I was of pain, and as long as I was numbed from experiencing the tip of the needle, then I was comfortable, ignorant of how sick I really was. 

    For the years to come, Lupus became part of my identity. I was prescribed steroids, and watched my tiny frame swell into an overweight child due to the water buildup of the medication. I was isolated from living a truthful, playful and innocent life. Disease was becoming who I was, and my inner true self was locked away. Thus, I continued to neglect seeing things clearly. I needed to make an effort to stay alive, an effort to mature even at such a young age, an effort to fix my diseased body, an effort to become whole again. I began to join my mother in her yoga practice, moving my body in different positions while unknowingly connecting to my Divine nature, my mind, my soul, my spirit.

    Life is never easy, in fact, it’s a constant roller coaster that never seems to stop, especially within the Western world. As a result of the mishaps of my life, I turned to yoga, a decision to take on a path of health, hope, and happiness – one where I was fully responsible, one where I could finally become alive with the world around me. During my times of crisis, I turned to a practice that was introduced to me at a young age, while my mother was in the midst of completing her Ashtanga yoga teacher training with David Swenson in Ottawa, Canada. Thus, began my journey, one where we both participated, practicing together in a space that allowed us to become in tune with our true nature. Yoga allowed me to withdraw from pain and suffering, while guiding my soul towards enlightenment. 

    As time wore, the prevalence of my illness had subsided, I was growing, reaching my teens, prospering with health, and happiness. Lupus had given nothing but bad news for ten years. Although I was no longer taking medication, and the disease had reached a state of remission, I realized that some scars would never possibly heal. From short term memory loss, to gaining an immense amount of insecurities, it was hard to let go of the past, but I knew I needed to set out and connect with my soul and my True Self. I was a living miracle, and was now ready to discover myself in the mountains, the Land of Gods, the birthplace of Yoga, a practice that had saved my life. In September 2016, I embarked on my first solo journey to Rishikesh, India to fulfill my dream of completing my yoga teacher training with my guru, Yogrishi Vishveketu. This sacred space was a predominant life altering event that will forever remain in my heart, an experience like no other, a place that released blocked energy, an introduction to my higher spirituality. 

    I remember sitting in a beautiful cafe overlooking the Himalayas. Their beauty representing how far I’ve come, the strength and courage of my life’s journey. Life is never easy. Obstacles come and go like clouds in the sky. Some are dark, some are dull, and some disappear and let the sun shine bright. I begin to listen and believe in my Divine spirit as it continues to grow each day – I am strong, I am beautiful, I am true, I am whole, I am finally me.

    I believe part of my path is to educate and guide others to heal their Self, physically, spiritually and mentally. I honour this opportunity to share a practice that has ultimately saved my life, a practice that I hope will help others through their own journey, through the bad and the good.

 The Divine light is within us all. We hold the power to protect, to love and to heal. Together, as one, we can overcome the darkest of storms. Join us in making a difference, in tuning into our healing energy.  

    I will forever be grateful to CHEO, an incredible institution that saved my life. The entire staff that continued to uplift me, day in, and day out through some of the most challenging moments with my disease. Part of my strength today has been built by the individuals whom have helped me fight this battle. This is a perfect opportunity to give back, and to help others in need. Please join me in attending this great event, one I am honored to be a part of. 

Namaste forever and always, Bronwyn ‘Dharana’ Lefebvre

Click here to donate to Bronwyn’s CHEO page

Vital Point donates free massage to 24Hr Yogapalooza participants

Meet our newest sponsor and the team from Vital Point Clinic. (Michael Michaud, Lesley Tashlin, Brittany Gaudet, Mireille Lavallee and Jay Ankersmit).  Last year they sponsored 24Hr Yogapalooza and were an integral part of our success through donating their time for over 15 hours providing an estimated 100 plus massages for our hard-working group of yogis.

I am absolutely thrilled to announce this kind and generous group of Massage Therapists and Athletic Therapist will be back once again to take care of your sore and aching muscles at 24HR Yogapalooza 2019 starting June 8 at 2 PM.

At their clinic in Westboro, Vital Point team offers skilled services in Massage Therapy, Active Release Technique, Athletic Therapy and Acupuncture. Each of these can help you alleviate pain and tension, and manage pain better, promote speedy recovery from injuries (work, trauma, accident or sports-related) as well as, increase mobility and provide greater joint flexibility and range of motion and more.

Over the past 15 years of doing triathlon and Ironman training I have had my fair share of injuries and have been grateful to Michael and his team for helping me recover more quickly and get back doing the things I love to do!

Dealing with a chronic pain or injury, give them a call or book a visit online, you will be in good hands!

Thank you Vital Point Clinic for being such an outstanding community oriented sponsor of 24HR Yogapalooza, as we raise money and awareness for CHEO & the Children and families affected by cancer.

– Randy Roffey


For more information about Vital Point Massage Clinic, see: http://vitalpointclinic.com/ or contact them at  613-695-5775 or info@vitalpointclinic.com

Join us April 16th at CHEO to Learn More About 24HR Yogapalooza!

Join us on April 16th @ 7:30 pm in room 154 of the CHEO Foundation wing of CHEO to learn more about this exciting event and be inspired to get involved. Event organizers Randy Roffey and Steve Neville, along with Bob Ghosh from CHEO, will run through why we are doing this, how to participate, and ideas on fundraising.

We are on the move towards June 8th and 24Hr Yogapalooza 2019…and we want you involved! As you can read here, registration is easy and there is lots of time to get out there fundraising…because kids can’t fight cancer alone!

Looking forward to seeing you at our kick-off meeting…or virtually as you register and get involved!

Have questions? Reach out at info@24hryogapalooza.ca.