24Hr Yogapalooza: 2019 Rewind

When I look back at what 24Hr Yogapalooza achieved in 2019, I’m still in awe. Over $53,000 was raised for childhood oncology research at CHEO! It was a testament to what a small, passionate group of people can do when they put their energy together for an important cause. Speaking as a dad who had a son with cancer, there can be no more important cause than keeping our kids safe and healthy.

Our first 24Hr Yogapalooza event in 2018 was truly the definition of grassroots and it raised over $24,000. Last year, the team got bigger and so did the excitement. From our Mother’s Day Yoga, to our very successful silent auction, our yogi tribe was on a roll from the start. 

Our fundraising culminated with the big event…24 straight hours of yoga at the EY Centre alongside the CHEO Telethon. Throughout the 24 hours, we had amazing instructors guiding our yogis non-stop through many different styles of yoga, including couples yoga, warrior yoga, and even yoga nidra in the wee hours of the morning. 

With over 140 people involved in fundraising and volunteering in 2019, we not only over doubled our fundraising dollars, but also the number of people involved in helping kids with cancer through CHEO. 

Truly inspiring…and that inspiration is at the root of what is driving our 2020 efforts to be even bigger. Stay tuned for how you can get involved as we kick off 24Hr Yogapalooza 2020…it’s going to be amazing!