Yoga Schedule

The Challenge Begins Oct. 2nd!

From Oct. 2nd to Oct. 25th, 2020 a new pre-recorded yoga class will be released on our Youtube channel each day. Yogis can complete as many of the classes as they like, on their own schedule! Missed a day? That’s ok! The videos will remain posted on Youtube and yogis can complete them whenever they like. 

We are very grateful to all of the wonderful instructors who submitted classes. There was so much support from the yoga community that some days we will post not one, but two classes!

Class Schedule

Check out our amazing line up of classes for 24Hr Yogapalooza’s 24-Day Yoga Challenge! Links to each video will become available as the videos are posted on our Youtube channel. Subscribe to our Youtube channel so you don’t miss a single class! 

Day 1: October 2
Hatha with Randy Roffey

Day 2: October 3
Hatha Flow with Julie Lefebvre

Day 3: October 4
Gentle Vinyasa with Michael Dynie & Sofiya Vyhovska

Day 4: October 5
Intermediate/Advanced Flow with Genevieve Munro

Day 5: October 6
Hatha with Shelley Murdock

Day 6: October 7
Slow Flow Vinyasa with Ro Nwosu

Day 7: October 8
Gentle Un-Patterned Practice with Anne Pitman

Day 8: October 9 – Double Feature!
Yoga on the Beach with Jenna Switzer
Gentle Flow with Robyn Lucas & Louise Gresham 

Day 9: October 10
Stretch and Flow with Andrea Campbell

Day 10: October 11 – Double Feature!
Yin and Yoga Nidra with Brian Simser
Meditation with Michelle Precourt

Day 11: October 12
Mandala Flow with Jenn Stow

Day 12: October 13
Mindful Hatha with Kethy Sangaré

Day 13: October 14
All Levels Energetic Flow with Linda Myers

Day 14: October 15
Yoga and Mobility with Melissa Delaney

Day 15: October 16 – Double Feature!
Power Flow with Rob Aranyosi & Genevieve Ross
Yoga Flow with Randa Laham

Day 16: October 17
Full-Body Flow with Nigel Walker

Day 17: October 18
Yin Yoga with Leah Labib

Day 18: October 19
Soul Flow Vinyasa with Erin Harris

Day 19: October 20
Hippy Flow with Kristy Schmekel

Day 20: October 21 – Double Feature!
Yoga Nidra with Hannah Holder
Kundalini with Meditation with Sonia Sharma-Patry

Day 21: October 22
Hatha Flow with Kerry Kotylak

Day 22: October 23
Hip-opening Flow with Cat Doyle

Day 23: October 24
Strong Hatha with Kim Leblanc

Day 24: October 25
Akhanda – 5 Koshas with Bronwyn Lefebvre