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Saturday, June 8th

Time: 14h
Teacher: Laurie Howe
Style: TBD

Time: 15h
Teacher: Cat Doyle
Style: Flow

Time: 16h
Teacher: Kristy Schmekel
Style: TBD

Time: 17h
Teacher: Chantal Riel
Style: Slow Flow

Time: 18h
Teacher: Rob Aranyosi
Style: TBD

Time: 19h
Teacher: Melissa Delaney
Style:  TBD

Time: 20h
Teacher: Kurt Mansergh & Danni Elsie
Style:  Partner Yoga

Time: 21h
Teacher: Shelley Murdock
Style:  TBD

Time: 22h
Teacher: Brian Simser
Style:  Nidra

Time: 23h
Teacher: Eric Desjardins
Style:  TBD

Sunday, June 9th

Time: 0h
Teacher: Linda Myers
Style: Hatha

Time: 1h
Teacher: Stacy Sinclair
Style: TBD

Time: 2h
Teacher: George Jurdak
Style:  TBD

Time: 3h
Teacher: Michelle Precourt
Style: TBD

Time: 4h
Teacher: Jennel Recoskie
Style: TBD

Time: 5h
Teacher: Kerry Kotylak
Style:  TBD

Time: 6h
Teacher: Tesia Bryski
Style:  TBD

Time: 7h
Teacher: Kila Divina
Style:  TBD

Time: 8h
Teacher: Jessica Puckering
Style:  Hatha

Time: 9h
Teacher: Catherine Heinmiller
Style: TBD

Time: 10h
Teacher: Ciara Jean Beaton
Style: Vinyasa

Time: 11h
Teacher: Leah Labib
Style:  TBD

Time: 12h
Teacher: Bronwyn Lefebvre
Style:  Hatha

Time: 13h
Teacher: Julie Rollwagen
Style: TBD